Wednesday, 18 April 2012

[PORT][DEV][CM7] Unofficial CyanogenMod 7.2.0 RC1 For SGY GT-S5360

Hello Everyone,

This is the CM7 For Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360.

All credits are for razor083 his can't open threads here and this is what his found,

The Galaxy ACE has a deferent hardware and little similar hardware to the Galaxy Y, and when he tried the CM7 from it with strongly changed nothings just some small modifications, it worked

But some problems always here and need's fixes. soo!

It's Only for senior members, dev's, and testers.


This is the CM7, and the sources. Don't use it please and don't tell me it doesn't works.

LET'S GO....!

Here is the original CM7.2.0 from Galaxy ACE.


 Bugs report :

1. Lockscren bug - when i press the lock the lcd dont turned off and it shows white screen only.
2. auto rotation bug - when u check the auto rotation it will go horizontal and accelerometer dont work but when u uncheck it it will go back to the normal display
3. Camera - force closes
4. Gallery - working but its too laggy
5. Brightness - not working even u select lower brightness it will stay at the higher brightness.
5. No baseband and all connections except usb.
6. battery shows 1% even it is 80%
7. notification bar is laggy when u pull it down.
8. Graphic Driver
9. Gps
10. Wifi
11. Sound


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